Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cybils Judge!

Hey folks!  I've been sitting on this really exciting news for a couple of weeks now.  I applied and was accepted to be a Cybils judge this fall!  I am on the Non-Fiction Picture Books first round committee, and I am so thrilled!  The Cybils are a group of book awards that are designed to "Reward the children’s and young adult authors (and illustrators, let’s not forget them) whose books combine the highest literary merit and "kid appeal." " (that's straight from the website).  They also foster a sense of community among children's literature bloggers.  In order to be considered, you had to have a fairly active blog, as well as review children's books critically.  The judges are an amazing group of people, a who's who of the children's literature blog world, so it's definitely an honor to be chosen!

If you are interested in participating, you can nominate any book you'd like until October 15th  -there are lots of categories to choose from.  After October 15th, we will begin the daunting task of reading ALL of the nominated books, and then coming up with a shortlist to recommend to the second committee.  It's an overwhelming task - there are already more than 30 books on our list. 

I will be reviewing some of these books on my blog, especially the ones I really like or want to point out to my beloved readers.  You can follow the reviews that I post by looking at the labels Cybils and Non-fiction picture books.  However, I will continue to post other reviews as time allows - I have to have all of these books read and evaluated by the end of December!  So now you know what I will be up to for the next two months!  I can't wait.

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