Friday, June 6, 2014

48 Hour Book Challenge!

Hello!  I am so excited to report that I will be participating in the 48 Hour Book Challenge again this year.   It's the 9th year this challenge has been going on, but I only participated for the first time last year, and I loved doing it!
If you are interested in this challenge, more information is available here.

Don't get me wrong, with the girls and their schedule and prepping for a trip, I won't be reading the entire 48 hours.  But I will do my best to read and review as much as I can this weekend.  I am shooting to read somewhere between 12-24 hours over my 48 hours (approximately 6pm MT time Friday through 6pm MT time Sunday).  We'll see if I make it!  

This year the focus of the 48 Hour Book Challenge is #weneeddiversebooks - this is something that has been much discussed in the past few weeks.  I do have a couple of diverse books on my plate for this weekend, including my next blog post, so I can make that commitment.  I will be posting brief reviews as I complete books, so check back to hear to see how I am doing! 

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  1. Man, kids. Can't you just feed them bread and jam and let them play with a plastic tea set while you are reading? Can't wait to see what you manage to get through!